A Little Bit About Myself


Kyle Hart is a passionate, dedicated, and motivated individual who thoroughly enjoys reading and writing in almost every form. With his love for communication, Kyle hopes to positively impact others through his words and actions on a daily basis. He is currently a freelance writer working on several projects that center around self empowerment, embracing individuality, and consistently remaining upbeat. They are also fun and colorful, too.

His core focus and burning enthusiasm is applied towards his daily pursuit of becoming a childrens book author. He hopes his everlasting imagination and love for creative design will not only entertain children of all ages, but adults of all ages as well.

Always Looking Up” is a phrase that encompasses countless life lessons skillfully taught to him by his grandmother, Leola Wittkopp (may she peacefully rest forever). It circles around the philosophical belief that people default to ‘looking down’ when going about their daily business. As a result, this causes them to frequently miss, or be intentionally blind to, the beauty surrounding. Metaphorically, the phrase encourages the choice to live on the side of optimism and is an effective daily reminder to surround ourselves with things, people, and places that evoke happiness, progression, and eternal positivity.

Thank you sincerely for joining me.

4 thoughts on “A Little Bit About Myself

  1. Kyle, my friend, I am very proud of you. Your kind thoughts about Courtney are certainly reciprocated. Billy is still jealous you see them more often 😉 It’s me, Debbie, your Dad’s work slave. I don’t know if your dad or mom told you, but your dad arranged for me to “help” at a sales seminar in DENVER last week. Imagine that! Yes, I did get to spend a couple days with Billy, and I will be forever grateful for the opportunity. Your dad put me to work for the first three days, and then I spent two days with Billy. I know you are aware of how lucky you are to have two special parents. Of course THEY know how lucky they are to have such an awesome son. I was supposed to come to Portland this weekend for my mom’s 80th, but it didn’t work out. PLEASE let me know when you will be back in Grants Pass. I would love to see you. Congratulations on an awesome site, and you did an outstanding job interviewing Courtney. It just bugs me so much that she looks so good in her picture. You should see her at 6 AM 😉


    • Debbie, sweet Debbie. Thank you for visiting the blog and leaving this kind feedback. Your input is highly valued and your nice words mean more to me than you realize. I believe I’ll be catching up with your sister and her quarky husband in the weeks to come. I will ABSOLUTELY let you know when I am back down south. We are long overdue for a good conversation and a few more shrimp cocktails. Take care until then and keep a close eye on my father. He’s a wily one.


  2. Hi Kyle,

    I just started looking at your site. One little nit on the last sentence of the first paragraph in A Little About Myself….insert the verb “is”.

    Keep up the good work.



    • Thank you for the heads up and support, Uncle Dan and I hope all is well with you and Aunt Pat. Please have a Merry Christmas and I’m looking forward to the next time I see you. If you notice anything else that is grammatically incorrect, please don’t hesitate to let me know. It won’t hurt my feelings.


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