Dollar Sign Crucifixion

There’s a large divide between the things we absolutely have to do and the thing’s we’d like to do. It’s not uncommon that the obligations of everyday life can impede ability to delegate time to our wants and desires. Not only that, but living is exhausting and downright difficult. It’s not easy to obtain a way of life that’s both comfortable and completely free. But instead, we feel this responsibility to ‘punch a clock’ and, for the overwhelming majority, work 8-9 hours per day for someone we don’t like doing things we don’t want for a life could easily leave.

It seems to me that we have completely rolled over in regards to our own capabilities and aspirations. People don’t seem concerned about spending their life crucified to a dollar sign, forever a slave to monetary insecurity. I’m not sure exactly where this defective philosophy stems from, but I do know that it’s is a total forfeiture of personal liberty.

Ask yourself this: would you be happier living with more money from a job you hated or less money doing something you don’t actually consider work?  We seem to be stuck in this grand illusion that happiness and money are directly linked to one another. When one steadily rises, so will the other. I may not be a man of extreme monetary wealth, but I personally see much more value in spending a life doing the things you want to and finding a way to monetize it so you may continue doing it.

So maybe we wouldn’t have mansions, six cars, a butler, a gigantic bank account, and an indoor swimming pool that came with making a boatload of cash. That’s okay. Instead, we’ll trade it for pleasure, fulfillment, accomplishment, less stress, and a new appreciation for life that comes with spending the majority of our time doing things we want to. In order to get there, we need to take money off it’s gigantic pedestal while we assess what we actually want to spend our time doing. Money cannot, and should not, be the sole purpose for human existence and creative endeavors.

We must embark on our dream chase with the mindset of freedom and liberation as opposed to monetary gain. We already know that dreams are very difficult to achieve. We must be willing to invest a large amount of our time and patience in order to get there. Sacrifices will have to be made and money will be financed along the way. However, persistence and tenacity always pay off for those who are willing to weather the storm and continue their journey