Hanging On: A Daily Discomfort

It’s very difficult to perform optimally every single day of our lives. There’s going to be times where we run into snags, ruts, and other various obstacles when perusing our dreams and largest desires. It’s very important to understand and trust that we, like everyone else, are not infallible and absolutely perfect. Stumbles, sadness, and straight up bad days are all a part of the journey, the process, and of life itself. Yet, the feeling of triumph would not taste so sweet and be so desirable if it weren’t for all of the agony, turmoil, and frustration. This, in my opinion, is the largest difference between ‘living’ and ‘being alive.’ It’s the willingness to deal with the hours of frustration that comes with chasing a cause that we feel is worthy of our time. We, as individuals, are the only ones who define what success, purpose, and meaning we have in the gigantic enigma of life.

The challenge and difficulty with this lifestyle is that, first and foremost, it’s a daily test of patience and a true testament to how much we want something. The easy way out is always readily available at any time we want to forfeit our visions. Unfortunately this ‘roll over and take it’ mentality is adopted by the majority on the pure basis of security and comfort. To truly conquer daily life requires clinging desperately to that dream and not letting go no matter what. It’s a very large task, no doubt, but sometimes this can be a lot easier when we break it down into bite-size, daily pieces.

Here are 3 ways that will allow us to slow down and concentrate on the compartmentalized steps needed to persevere and hang on when times get testy. No matter how busy we get, we should prioritize each of these items every single day in respect to our dreams.

  • Frame of reference: When we begin to shift our attention away from a concrete fixation on the result and begin to focus on the process, we will be able to assess the small victories needed to get there. It’s going to be exceedingly difficult to produce your best work in the limited hours we have in a given day. However, if we concentrate on just one component every day, it will result in a spectacular masterpiece.
  • Rest: Constantly staying dedicated takes a lot of mental effort and energy, which is why it’s so easy to give up. Therefore, it’s vital to take time every day to let your mind recuperate and relax. Healthy ways of doing so include exercise, reading, and regular sleep cycles. Doing this regularly will no doubt improve your mental clarify. It can also revitalize your psychical and intellectual energy levels.
  • Practice: The best part about this specific aspect of perseverance is that it can be as secretive or public as you wish. Practicing a craft or trade is something that can be done in the privacy of your room or studio space and can also be put on display via a blog or other online media platform. However, there is unquestionable importance in daily practice and it is very vital to victory.

o   *If you do so choose to keep the majority of your work in secrecy, it’s important to share it when you feel comfortable doing so. Austin Kleon has a little bit more to say on the matter and I highly recommend his new book, which covers this topic very thoroughly.