Never Ending Education

As the old saying goes, practice will eventually make you fairly good at something (I have a hard time using the term ‘perfect’ anywhere in life, especially here).  It’s extremely rare to experience immediate success and accomplishment the first time you try something. We must have the willingness to dedicate the majority of our undivided focus to becoming better at something. Donald Latumahina, creator of the riveting inspirational blog Life Optimizer, brilliantly explains the importance of investing both time and money in order to upgrade yourself.

I strongly agree with Donald’s statements and have experienced personal growth firsthand as a result of investing in my own side projects. The experiences and practice one receives from ‘getting out of your shell’ and trying new things is the truly priceless entity and is absolutely necessary in order to produce results.

Here are a list of 4 time and money investments that, in my experiences, have created endless new paths, introduced me to countless new people, and provide a boat load of encouragement along the way.


  • Relevancy: What type of business or enterprise do you want to create? Who is currently having the most success in the field you with you enter? Staying current by studying the techniques of others in the same market will promote new ideas and innovations. Now, I’m not encouraging anyone to rip off or copy the ideas of other’s. However, it is important to know what is being consumed right now and the types of techniques that are working.
  • Network: When is the last time you’ve attended a conference or seminar chalk full of like-minded people? When’s the last time you were active on a blog or forum chatting with people who have similar ideas and endeavors? Instead of viewing these people as your direct competition, see it as an opportunity of collaboration or a chance to bounce your ideas off others.
  • Read: I have yet to see a field of work that doesn’t require some studying, which means that reading is more or less inevitable. There are countless books on techniques, common practices, and success stories in just about every field known to man. From home brewing to real estate practice. The information can be easily found by those who wish to find it and search for it. [Side note: why wouldn’t you want to read? Especially if you’re passionate about it. Reading is so much fun.]
  • Apply: A vast knowledge and a strong education are fantastic things to have but these can be quickly rendered useless if it is not directly applied. Don’t be afraid to put your head on the chopping block by getting your work in front of other people for questioning, editing, and critiquing. As noted before, the feeling of failure should not be held in a light of negativity but, instead, should be considered and appreciated as both productivity and proactivity. It’s a sure sign that you’re moving forward in the direction of your dreams as opposed to stagnantly waiting for something to fall in your lap.


When it is obvious that the goals cannot be reached, don’t adjust the goals, adjust the action steps.